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Choose a day, pay for it. When the day you have chosen, will come, check my blog: the photo of that day, will be yours. Printed and delivered to your home. "It works like an hotel booking. but it's my life. My gaze on NYC".




Gianluca Vassallo is an Italian artist based in Sardinia. His work examines social dimensions of art through photography, video and installations. He’s been producing and composing for film, theatre and dance companies for 15 years.

The exhibition “Sapere Avvenire” for Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN Museum) kickstarted his artistic career in 2010. Vassallo is currently known in the European art scene as one of the emerging contemporary artists to watch. His works are on display at: Kiel Stadtgalerie (Germany), Schauwerk Museum (Sindelfingen, Germany), MART (Rovereto, Italy), Man Museum (Nuoro, Italy) and in various locations throughout Italy.

Curators of his work were: Sonia Borsato, Ivo Serafino Fenu, Davide Mariani, Veronica Caciolli, Maria D’Ambrosio, Peter Weiermair, Marina Vergiani.


Semantica&Documentazione_06Free Portrait is driven by a vision of contemporary art as interaction between the artist and the audience, the medium being just the artist’s ability to build an instant empathy with his subjects. The artist behaves as a “human recorder”, trying to leave a mark in other people’s life by simply sharing a single moment with them.

Wearing a sandwich board that only reads “Free Portrait”, Mr.Vassallo has been taking black and white portraits while also conducting an artistic and social experiment. As a result, the project is building a collective portrait of the City. Each photo is neither stolen nor exactly requested by the subjects, who most of the times just bump into the artist on the street. The visible sign on the board saying “Free Portrait” immediately announces an intention and a chance for both the artist and the subject.